Aural hematoma steroid injection

The simplest and cheapest treatment for a hematoma involves your vet's syringing out, or aspirating, the fluid in the hematoma. She might then inject a steroid into the ear and prescribe medication to combat infection. One week later, your vet repeats the process. If the second treatment doesn't work, the vet may advise surgically correcting the hematoma. In larger dogs with hematomas, one alternative is placing a drain in the ear flap. This allows the fluid to drain continuously for a week or more rather than fill again rapidly as often occurs with aspiration. The ear must be big enough to accommodate the drain and the dog willing to put up with it.

Are your dog's ears swollen, inflated, squishy, almost resembling a marshmallow? Has your dog been consistently shaking his head, scratching his ear and keeping his head tilted to the side? If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are high your dog may have developed an unsightly condition known as aural hematoma.
What is aural hemtoma? The technical term may be a bit intimidating, but "aural" simply means ear, while "hematoma" means "blood has accumulated inside the ear". If you look carefully at your dog's ears, you will likely see that the actual swollen part is the underlying surface of the pinna. Upon palpation most dogs will display a pain signal.

Aural hematoma steroid injection

aural hematoma steroid injection


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