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Nicholas Gonzales is a Texas born actor who has had roles in several films and television series and will play the role of Dr. Neal Melendez in “The Good Doctor”. He may be best known for his role as Detective Marco Furey in “Pretty Little Liars”. Gonzalez has been in several television shows including “The OC”, “Modern Family”, “Bones”, “Ghost Whisperer”, and “Law and Order: SVU”. His films include 2011’s “.” and 2014’s “The Purge: Anarchy”.

Lacey Chabert got her start in acting playing Claudia, the precocious and gifted youngest Salinger daughter who aged from 11 to 17 through the series. Claudia was an expert violinist who managed the life of an orphaned tween to teenager. Following “Party of Five”, Chabert has had a successful career as a voice actress, film and television actress and singer. She played the role of Penny Robinson in 1998’s “Lost in Space”. Her voice overs included “The Wild Thornberry Movie”, “Rug Rats Go Wild” and “Family Guy”. She has appeared on television in guest roles for shows including “Ghost Whisperer” and has appeared in several Hallmark channel movies. She co-starred in the successful film “Mean Girls”. Chabert is married to David Nehador and they have a son born in 2016.

Costume-wearers sometimes forget to consider certain logistics, such as where they'll actually put important personal items - credit cards, money, a room key, even ID. If you're wearing a G-string and only pasties, you're going to have to think this one through.

Perhaps you might want to put your personal effects in a plastic bag in the bottom of your shoe. You really don't have any place else you can realistically place these items without offending others.

If you have a companion of any persuasion, as long as that companion has more attire on then you do, you're good to go. If not, you may need to rethink your lack of wardrobe.

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