Chestbrah off steroids

So i was having my morning oats and eggs just before and stumbled accross Mr Olympia Jay Cutlers instagram page to find that his posted a mockery picture of Aziz, I and the crew. I would firstly like to point out this is whats exactly wrong with the bodybuilding world and why the general public and consensus of bodybuilders is that they are all a bunch of moronic and grotesgue meatheads ( I for one dont hold this opinion at all and respect a GREAT DEAL how hard bodybuilders work and train). For a 43 year old man to compare himself to a bunch of young guys barely out of their teens (oldest person in this photo would have been 22, 23 max) is just pathetic and sad, especially considering one of those guys in the photos has tragically passed away. Let me just point out something to you Jay. Fitness models and Bodybuilders are two different types of people after different goals. Bodybuilders want to get as big and as freaky as possible (not my cup of tea but each to their own) and Fitness models are after the all round aesthetic, free flowing and eye appealing physique. Its stupid to compare the two on whose better or not, both have different goals out of their training and dieting. Furthermore i would just like to say i look up to people like Phil Health, have met him plenty of times in person and he is the most humble and amazing person i have ever met in the bodybuilding world, there are a few jokes of the bodybuilding world (dwarf lee priest being one of them) and Jay Cutler being another. Your an ambassador for a great sport Jay, you have hundreds of thousands of people looking up to you and you decide to have a laugh at a bunch of guys who have inspired as many (if not more) people to get into the gym and get in shape (especially young kids). Congratulations for only adding to the stigma of bodybuilders being morons and jokes. We all train, we all love to diet, so why compare fitness models with bodybuilders when they have different goals? Why would you need that validation if you have won Mr Olympia? Finally i would just like to say, I really hope Phil Heath takes out Olympia this year, he is a great ambassador for the sport, looks incredible and nothing but respect for the man, you Jay on the other hand, look like a fridge whose borderline type 2 diabetic because you cant even get vascular even on stage. They say a photo speaks a thousand words, i need not say anymore. Chestbrah and Zyzz army visit Jay Cutlers Instagram (@mrojaycutlerofficial) and leave your feedback Have a good day all!

Partying in Thailand with Tim Sharky on high grade thai ass, clen, coke, pills the lot all while baking in a 90* degree sauna filled with Sharky's girls going hard to hard style...... I believe Sharky even warned him to slow the fuck down,warning it's super strength everything compared to back home. And If he did have a heart condition.... Time was up unforrunaltely up. But unlike many of this world, hate himd or love him Zyzz left a legacy purely based of the greatest personality and outlook that won't be forgotten and inspire many to chisel up and go make life fun........ Unlike the the haters, who will only ever be known by a username on an unwitty YouTube comment.

Chestbrah off steroids

chestbrah off steroids


chestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroidschestbrah off steroids