Do high school athletes use steroids

It’s important to eat well on game days, but you should eat at least 2 hours before the event — early enough to digest the food before game time.  The meal itself should not be very different from what you’ve eaten throughout training. It should have plenty of carbs and lean protein and be low in fat, because fat is harder to digest and can cause an upset stomach.  After the game or event, have a well-balanced meal. Your body will be rebuilding muscle tissue and restoring carbs and fluids for up to 24 hours after the competition, so it’s important that you get plenty of protein, fat, and carbs in the postgame hours.  Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water before, during and after games.  Most of all, it’s important to eat healthy meals and snacks consistently, even during the off-season, as this will provide a solid foundation during times of competition.

* High school data is from the 2013-14 High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Statistics for both High School and College athletes above report participation on school sponsored varsity,  JV and freshman teams,  and do not reflect club, travel and/or intramural sports teams.
  ** Scholarship totals are the computed maximum full-equivalent athletic scholarships available per NCAA and NAIA 2013-14 regulations. However, most programs are equivalency sports which means these awards can be split into partial scholarships in any proportion up to the maximum allowed, so the actual number of awards (full & partial) are higher than the number presented - see our page on scholarship limits for additional more information.
2014 *** These percentages contain numerous caveats: the number of participants at the high school level does not include high school age athletes who don't play on a high school team, but compete on club, travel and similar teams. So for sports such as high school football that have a large number of high school participants and few travel teams, these percentages are a  good indication of a high school athlete's chances of playing at the college level. However for  sports with a high percentage of travel or club teams, the chances of competing in college are likely not as high as presented.   Additionally, high school data may not include foreign student athletes who comprise a significant percentage of many college athletic rosters. These factors may result in computed odds for many sports that are artificially high - see our page on the chances of a High School Athlete competing in College for more information

Do high school athletes use steroids

do high school athletes use steroids


do high school athletes use steroidsdo high school athletes use steroidsdo high school athletes use steroidsdo high school athletes use steroidsdo high school athletes use steroids