Durrah steroids

IGF-1 is a drug used strictly for children with growth disabilities, and those who use it, are monitored on a weekly basis for cancer cells.  It's not something to toy with what so ever.  And an additional tip: Never use underground growth hormone.  If by your choice you decide to use such a drug, you either get a pharmaceutical brand, or none.  One of the effects that you will immediately notice on legitimate growth hormone is as soon as 2 days, which is waking up and barely being able to close your hands due to the water retention.  It is not important how I know this, and as mentioned, I’m not in this sport to get sponsors and smile for the camera for something I don’t believe in, I’m in it to gain titles, and spread knowledge amongst all young bodybuilders who are blinded from the truth about performance enhancing drugs simply because athletes would worry about their own reputation, rather then other's health.  I'm not worried about anything in terms of reputation and sponsorship, I don't have to be what they want to me be, I’m free to be what I want to be and think how I want to think, and I think that informing you all about what's right or wrong, is the right thing to do, since most of young bodybuilders will do it anyway.  I'd rather see them healthy, doing things correctly, than just destroying themselves.  This goes for all of you too, which is why i answer most posts.

Durrah steroids

durrah steroids


durrah steroidsdurrah steroidsdurrah steroids