High dose inhaled corticosteroids

  • Cromolyn Sodium
  • Tilade®
Controller Medications
  • Prevent asthma symptoms from occurring
  • Can reduce and/or prevent:
    • Inflammation and scarring in the airways
    • Tightening of the muscle bands around the airways (bronchospasm)
  • Do not show immediate results, but work slowly over time
  • Should be taken daily, even when you are not having symptoms
  • Should NOT be used to relieve immediate asthma symptoms
Long-Term Controller Medicines in Children According to the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program at the National Institutes of Health, long-term controller medicines should be considered when infants or young children have had three or more episodes of wheezing in the previous 12 months and who are at an increased risk of developing asthma because of their own or their parents' history of allergic diseases.

They also recommend long-term controller medicines for children who need short-acting bronchodilators (rescue medicines) more than twice a week or have had severe asthma symptoms less than six weeks apart. Without a controller medicine, the underlying inflammation will continue to cause more asthma symptoms.

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31 papers reporting the results of 26 trials were included in the review . For studies that compared a step down approach to a constant moderate/low ICS dose, there were no significant differences in lung function, symptoms, rescue medications or asthma control between the two treatment approaches. Significant but clinically small improvements in percent predicted FEV1 ( WMD , 95% CI to ) and non significant improvements in the change in morning PEF were found for high dose ICS compared to moderate dose ICS. There were no significant differences in efficacy between high and low dose ICS. For moderate dose ICS, compared to low dose ICS, there were significant improvements in the change in morning PEF l/min from baseline (WMD , 95% CI to ) and nocturnal symptoms (SMD -, 95% CI - to - ) . Commencing ICS at double or quadruple a base moderate or low dose had no greater effect than commencing with the base dose. Several studies reported greater improvement in airway hyperresponsiveness for high dose ICS.

High dose inhaled corticosteroids

high dose inhaled corticosteroids


high dose inhaled corticosteroidshigh dose inhaled corticosteroidshigh dose inhaled corticosteroidshigh dose inhaled corticosteroidshigh dose inhaled corticosteroids