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- Fishman Karate ( Gyojin Karate) : A martial art that is practiced by the fishman race. While deadly enough on land, Fishman Karate has a number of devastating underwater moves designed to be suitable with the Fishmen natural strengths and mobility while under water and, in some cases, a fishman 's personal adaptation (fins, teeth, etc.). The objective of Fishman Karate is mastery of the water in the user's direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent's body.

well... since I was F2P before there were multi pulls... I can't really remember how many gems I spent before multi's... I was also saving for 2nd anniversary... during 2nd anniversary I did 7 multi-pulls and get 6 legends because of the legend rate up... I got Fuji, Crocodile, Whitebeard, Sengoku, Marco, and SW Shanks... then in another sugo after 3 multi-pulls I was pulling for rate up Caesar I got my 7th legend Jinbe... but by then I was fully P2P... I turned after 2nd anniversary... needed gems to farm legend skillbooks... and all the SB's for all the new RR I had...

Hody jones energy steroids

hody jones energy steroids


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