Ifbb without steroids

Health problems. Lots of things that can go wrong here but I wont bother to go into too much detail because you have heard it all before. These problems are very dosage dependent and drug dependent. Enlargement of the heart is probably the biggest problem. Although enlarging your heart sounds like a good thing, its very, very bad and is what leads to heart attacks in young bodybuilders. Damaging your kidneys and liver is another relatively common problem as the body works overtime to filter out stuff that it doesnt want. Then there is the problem with natural testosterone production being shut down.

Sorry to break it to you; but when your using hormones (prescribed or not) you become not natty. You’re altering the level of testosterone your body is naturally producing. Did he claim that he has a legitimate medical issue? Something wrong with his pituitary function? Tumor? You can go to any of these “anti-aging clinics” and get prescribed to testosterone. I along with many friends have done it. It’s just an excuse to pump your testosterone up to the higher end of the “physiological” spectrum. Def on a higher than therapeutic dose during these periods he puts on twenty pounds of lean mass. He is also def on growth. If he says otherwise, he is a liar. I’ve been around for a while, used plenty of anabolics and I can spot a BS artist.

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Ifbb without steroids

ifbb without steroids


ifbb without steroidsifbb without steroidsifbb without steroidsifbb without steroidsifbb without steroids