My experience taking steroids

It sounds like you’ve had quite a bit of project management experience. In my opinion, if you already have enough project management experience, and are interested in furthering your career in project management, you should get the PMP certification rather than the CAPM certification. In my experience, the PMP is more valued and can land you more interviews and more jobs. Other people may have differing opinions, of course, but I believe the PMP will serve you better if you can get it, or if you have a path toward getting what you need in order to qualify for it (the work experience hours leading and directing projects in particular).

Hi Vlad,
This article is truly great ! it’s been a long time that I wanted to change some areas in my life without knowing how and being frustrated because time passed and nothing changed. After reading this article, I feel that I took my firt real step to change my life ! I have several areas I want to change in my life and I did the exercise with an easy area (area: sports /goal: semi-marathon). Trying to imagine how would I feel taking actions or not taking any actions gave me motivation and helped me to understand why I want to give more importance to sports in my life. It will be a little bit more difficult to apply this method to other areas but I’m more confident for my future now ! Thank you 🙂

My experience taking steroids

my experience taking steroids


my experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroidsmy experience taking steroids