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To help our students achieve their full potential, we offer a carefully designed blend of college preparatory curriculum, technical/vocational studies, personalized learning plans, special educational support, SAT/ACT preparation and testing, tutoring, and a full range of specialized services. Boulder Creek Academy¿s therapeutic curriculum provides clinical oversight, which allows the integration of individual, family, and group therapy into all aspects of the child¿s treatment plan. Our dynamic adventure education program strives to create exceptional opportunities and learning experiences for students, parents, and staff through adventure activities and community events. We believe this is the most effective catalyst for personal growth.

At Boulder Creek Academy, special care is taken to introduce students to the academic program in a manner that ensures success. A 3-week assessment period identifies learning styles and highlights areas of strength and difficulty. Experiential learning and a transitional classroom offer practice in the organizational and study skills needed for academic achievement. The educational program is flexible to accommodate students who need support services and curricular adaptations.

Boulder Creek Academy¿s campus is situated on 180 acres at the base of the spectacular Cabinet Mountains. BCA has many unique features, including a working farm, a horticulture program, music and art studios, a climbing wall, and ponds for fishing and swimming. Our activity center is housed in the majestic Quixote Lodge. The main academic building is equipped with individual classrooms, a computer lab, a science lab and a library, creating a traditional academic environment.

Research has shown that traditional treatments for school refusal have had limited success. Therefore, we at The Koch Center have chosen to base our program on a cutting edge treatment protocol for school refusal called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy – School Refusal” (DBT-SR). DBT-SR uses multiple modalities to directly address the emotional and behavioral dyscontrol that drives and maintains school refusal behavior. Unique to this treatment is that it uses web-based coaching to help students and parents negotiate the morning, which is typically the most difficult and crucial time of day with respect to school refusal. Our School Refusal Program also addresses both the positive and negative reinforcers that are associated with school refusal behavior and any comorbid psychiatric disorders.

Refusal skills for steroids

refusal skills for steroids


refusal skills for steroidsrefusal skills for steroidsrefusal skills for steroidsrefusal skills for steroidsrefusal skills for steroids