Steroid dog allergies

My dog’s story- adopted him from the local animal shelter and within months he becomes an allergy dog. Spent thousands and countless vet visits before he went to a dermatologist. Atopica was the first treatment option and he developed two different tumors on it. Finally got him a chronic yeast infection, with maybe four flare ups a year with the weekly allergy shot. Moved him from NC to WA and he flared up so badly – paws swollen and ulcerated, bowel movements of only blood, we made the decision to put him down. The vet asked us to try one more thing – Apoquel. He has only been on it for five days but it is a miracle drug. I have read the potential side effects and have decided even if he has a shorter life due to his body not fighting off cancer cells, it is worth it. Atopica worried me more since it was originally intended for humans.

I have a Standard Poodle that has had cronic severe ear infections for 10 years. He had the problem before I got him. I have had him to the vet numerous times and have tried several different vets. None of the vets have been able to heal him. The vet that has worked with him the longest says that it is most likely an allergic reaction to something, to what she doesn’t know. I have tried several different kinds of grain free foods, but no improvement. At times his ears smell really bad, there is a dark brown discahrge and his ears will bleed sometimes when I am cleaning them. He scratches and shakes his head often.

Steroid dog allergies

steroid dog allergies


steroid dog allergiessteroid dog allergiessteroid dog allergiessteroid dog allergiessteroid dog allergies