Steroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendens

Electrolyte imbalance including hypochloraemic alkalosis, hypomagnesaemia, hypokalaemia and hyponatraemia. Urinary excretion of calcium may be reduced and the potential for hypercalcaemia may be increased (use in pre-existing hypercalcaemia is contraindicated). Hyponatraemia as a complication is rare, but constitutes a medical emergency, as onset may be rapid. The symptoms of hyponatraemia may be non-specific and include nausea, lethargy, weakness, mental confusion, irritability, muscle cramps and anorexia, but it may be an important cause of morbidity. Severe sequelae of hyponatraemia include tonic-clonic seizures and clinical features resembling subarachnoid haemorrhage (see also Special warnings & precautions for use).

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    Talong is a coarse, usually branched, prickly or unarmed, erect, half-woody plant, growing to a height of to 1 meter. Leaves are ovate to oblong-ovate, 10 to 25 centimeters long, stellate-hairy beneath, and irregularly or shallowly lobed at the margins. Flowers are axillary, purplish, about centimeters long. Fruit is fleshy, smooth, purple, up to 25 centimeters long, extremely variable in shape, round, oblong, or cylindric-oblong.

    - Cultivated throughout the Philippines for the edible fruit; the elongated variety, the most cultivated.
    - Nowhere spontaneous.
    - Cultivated in all warm countries.

    Steroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendens

    steroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendens


    steroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendenssteroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendenssteroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendenssteroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendenssteroidal glycosides from asparagus adscendens