Ufc fighters tested positive steroids

The first bout on the televised portion of the event saw Nate Diaz taking on Clay Guida in a lightweight contest. Diaz, who had an eight-inch reach advantage on Guida, was able to frustrate him with punches on the feet while Guida has success with leg-kicks followed by a right hand straight. [40] After closing the distance, Guida used his wrestling experience to avoid submissions while controlling and pressuring Diaz both in the clinch and on the ground throughout the fight. Diaz rallied with punches in the final round but was unable to finish off Guida. The judges scored the bout 29–28 twice for Guida and once for Diaz for the split-decision victory. [41] The bout was awarded the event's second "Fight of the Night" honor gaining both fighters a $65,000 bonus. [36]

On August 13, after several reschedules, the disciplinary hearing was held to decide on the subject. Silva's defense argued that a tainted sexual enhancement supplement was the root of the two failed tests for drostanolone and also appealed to mistakes in the NSAC testing procedures, pointing to a pair of drug tests, one on Jan. 19 and one after the fight, which Silva passed. He admitted to using both benzodiazepines the night prior to the fight as therapy to control stress and help him sleep. Silva's team was unable to explain the presence of androsterone in the Jan. 9 test. The commission rejected the defense and suspended him for one year retroactive to the date of the fight, as the current guidelines were not in effect at the time of the failed tests. He was also fined his full win bonus, as well as 30% of his show money, totaling $380,000. His victory was overturned to a no contest. [16] Diaz's hearing was delayed until September. [17] On September 14, Diaz was suspended for five years and also fined 33% of his show purse totaling $165,000. [18] Following his appeal four months later in January 2016, the suspension and fine were reduced to 18 months and $100,000 respectively. [19]

Ufc fighters tested positive steroids

ufc fighters tested positive steroids


ufc fighters tested positive steroidsufc fighters tested positive steroidsufc fighters tested positive steroidsufc fighters tested positive steroidsufc fighters tested positive steroids