What is a pro-anabolic clone

The second issue with regular 19 Nor-DHEA is the delivery system. Regular 19 Nor-DHEA has a very short half life, which results in poor bio-availability. While Enanthated 19 Nor-DHEA can improve the bio-availability and also the purity. Main highlights of 19 Nor DHEA Enanthated is it mimics the benefits of nandrolone or 19 nor testosterone (same as Nandrolone), 19 Nor-DHEA Enanthated can increase muscle tone and density. It does this by helping the body use any consumed proteins more efficiently. The effects are usually temporary and a diet very high in protein is needed to build muscle tone sufficiently. 19 Nor-DHEA Enanthated can also decrease recovery times from injury and increase stamina levels by reducing fatigue after exertion. It does this by increasing the level of muscle glycogen repletion after a tough exercise regime. This means athletes can train for longer periods without getting tired. According to the For Bodybuilders website, 19 Nor-DHEA Enanthated is effective at moving oxygen through the bloodstream at a quicker rate than usual, speeding up recovery times from injuries and helping torn muscles and damaged bones repair themselves. It is also believed to increase feelings of competitiveness and aggression, which can be an advantage in sporting events. 19 Nor-DHEA Enanthated is also effective at decreasing overall levels of body fat.

The term ‘spot injection’ refers to an injection directly into the muscle that you hope to improve with AAS. Long acting AAS (. Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca), Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, etc.) are designed to break down gradually over time by passing through the liver. Once broken down and in a ‘usable’ state the blood system carries the AAS around the body and into the muscles. So the likelihood is that spot injections with most long acting steriods is pointless except perhaps to reduce scar tissue in one area. That said some claim to have had great results by spot injecting and stand by the method. Spot injections with the likes of Testosterone suspension are more likely to be effective as Testosterone suspension does not need to be broken down by the liver and is in a ‘usable’ state on entering the body.

What is a pro-anabolic clone

what is a pro-anabolic clone


what is a pro-anabolic clonewhat is a pro-anabolic clonewhat is a pro-anabolic clonewhat is a pro-anabolic clonewhat is a pro-anabolic clone